I wanted to share with you the difference that we have seen in our electric bills so far.  When I got my August bill, it was $100 less this year from last.  And that was pretty amazing considering how hot it has been this summer with all of the 100 degree days.  I probably would have seen a larger reduction had the siding been on for the entire month.   Then my September bill was $155 less.  Needless to say, I was thrilled!  Bill and I still say every day we just can’t believe how great the house looks!!!  So hats off to Best Investments.

Again, we are so glad that we chose Best Investments to do our siding.  We couldn’t be happier.  Now we just need to regroup to do windows!!!



I just wanted to say thank you for such a great job re-siding, repairing and painting our house. We’ve received many compliments on the appearance of our house. Each night your crew cleaned up so much you could hardly tell there was work going on. How nice not to slog through debris each time! The finished product is so great! Your crews were polite and friendly, and also very conscientious about working. I had a very specific requirement on the siding to ensure air flow. You were the only contractor who knew what I was talking about, and therefore, able to accomplish that work. Your bid was about 30% lower than either of the other two contractors, and there were no surprises or extra charges unless I made changes to the requirements. Thank you so much!

Donald F. Stankovsky – Kingwood, TX


“When we decided to put siding on the house, we were a bit nervous. We’ve heard so many remodeling and construction nightmares, and we have even lived through one of our own. Stan realy went out of his way to help us get comfortable with the decision to pursue this project. His care and understanding really made the difference. We are so please with the wonderful job Best Investments did for us. Our home looks beautiful! It is clean, crisp and like new again. The team was very professional and friendly, and they were always quick to make an adjustment or to help in any way they could. They were extremely prompt and actually completed the job ahead of schedule. Our 30-year-old house needed so much work, and now we can sit back and enjoy our home once again. We have already realized a savings on our electric bill since the siding and solar screens have been installed. We highly recommend Best Investments to anyone looking to improve their home.”

Cliff and Colleen Nelson – Houston, TX


I would like to thank you and the craftsmen of Best Investments for a job well done. Our house looks great. I was impressed by the skill and efficiency of the craftsmen who worked on our house as well as their attitude and willingness to satisfy the customer. You were true to your word and really came through on everything. Best Investments also performed this work for several thousand dollars less than what the competition had quoted. To anyone wanting to repair or replace the siding on their house I would definitely recommend Best Investments Siding and Windows!

Albert T. Middleton